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    posted by: Mr. B.
    Wed, 7th October 2009 - 06:40:25 - GMT

    “Because of your programs, I am now convinced about the existence and reality of HIV/AIDS. It is a serious disease and people die of it because of few minutes pleasure. That has convinced me to abandon frivolous life and abstain from sex, before marriage.”

    posted by: Miss Z. K.
    Wed, 7th October 2009 - 06:40:46 - GMT

    “Following one of your AIDS programs, I changed my attitude towards HIV positive persons. I have now decided to receive them well, to demonstrate love, care and support them.”

    posted by: Mr. A.
    Wed, 7th October 2009 - 06:41:20 - GMT

    “Miel Mortel” opens the eyes of many on the reality of HIV/AIDS and confirms to them that the majority of contaminations are through sex intercourse. “Miel Mortel” encourages viewers therefore to abstinence from sex and faithfulness. Moreover, many girls who call us have decided to persevere in their virginity until marriage and not to practice any “prostitution in disguise” in order to meet their needs such as getting good marks, being in fashion, living beyond one’s means, and many others. Furthermore, Miel Mortel gives viewers courage to do their HIV/AIDS test.

    “The lady’s testimony touched me because she had the courage to do her HIV test. I am HIV positive myself, and I am encouraged by your programs.  The advice in your programs give me strength and courage to cope with my situation, in times of depression because I am at times in tears when I think of my children. Your programs help me to regain confidence again.”

    posted by: Miss B. D.
    Wed, 7th October 2009 - 06:53:32 - GMT

    “You gave relevant and true advice in the programs I watched. I also appreciated when you said that God is the only One who can help in life. In fact, I like the religious and educational perspective of your programs, especially for us youth.  I have stopped all sexual affairs and decided to abstain from sex until marriage. I regret that I lost my virginity because of the environment which doesn’t encourage a healthy morale life.  I want to know more about God. In fact, I’m searching for God. I’d like to meet with you.”

    posted by: Mr. Y. K.
    Wed, 7th October 2009 - 06:53:51 - GMT

    “Your program struck me in that a HIV positive person could live like any other person. Now, I want to live in faithfulness to my wife.”

    posted by: Miss G.
    Wed, 7th October 2009 - 06:54:17 - GMT

    “The girl in the program got pregnant and was asked by her boyfriend to abort. That shocked me. Now, I have decided to remain a virgin, to abstain from sex until marriage.”

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